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Лучший момент из 20 серии 1 сезона

Момент из 20 серии — 1 сезона.
Фома просит Мамая взять его обратно на работу.

I could bet on new-years eve
He’d call me up at night
From the other side of the world
Ed was always there alright
Ed’s got the looks of a movie star
Ed’s got the smile of a prince
He ride a bike instead of a car
I wanna be his friend

Dancing in the living room
With the ladies so nice
Like a child with a wisdom tooth
He’s just a friend of mine
Ed’s got the rings and the colors
Ed’s got the wind in his hair
He goes a riding with the brothers
He’s got a fist in the air

Going to the run, run Angel
Going to the run, run Angel
Well, heaven and hell came together that night
Only for you this time
Going to the run, forever Angel

Ария — Беспечный ангел (на английском языке)

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